One of the luxury homes that Michelle Lewis Designs worked on was showcased as one of the 20 most expensive homes in Sarasota.


“6910 Point of Rocks road | Owners: Gary and Elizabeth Kompothecras

Gary Kompothecras, the founder of the ASK-GARY medical and legal hotline, left college in Tampa in 1983 to come to Sarasota to work as a stockbroker. In 1990 he left to go to chiropractor school in Atlanta but returned in 1995 and headed to Siesta Beach. “I always wanted to live near a beach,” he says. His wife, Beth, owns So Staged Events. Their first home was on a canal, unsafe for their two sons with autism because deed restrictions would not allow a high fence. Eventually they found a lot outside the city on Point of Rocks, which they bought for $2.3 million, and then built a 13,560-square-foot limestone home modeled after the Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island, built for William Vanderbilt. With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, the Kompothecras residence was designed for their six children, he says, and has a bowling alley, pool room and a yard with a high fence. He notes that people often wander onto the property and try to walk in the front door. “Maybe they think it’s a hotel,” he says.”

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