New construction/renovation

Michelle Lewis Designs will select and coordinate all finishes, materials- Design layouts etc.. and oversee trade scheduling, purchase and delivery of materials and be on call to handle all questions that arises.

Color Consultation

Can’t decide on a color because of the thousands of choices available? Want to have your rooms flow harmoniously from color to color or shade to shade? Whether you are looking to enhance one room or your entire home we will identify a color scheme that works for you.

Space Planning

We provide a rendering of your room with fabrics, rugs and accessories illustrated. Keeping in mind function and flow we will tightly plan your space in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. We willcapture the feeling of a space designed especially for you.


Michelle Lewis Designs will work with you to determine what level of service will work best for you. You can select from our three tiered proposal of design:

Design guidance: This level is for the client who wants to do the leg work herself. We will do a thorough design plan, with color palette, space plan, and furniture specs. We create the path for you to follow.
Hands on design: Michelle Lewis Designs will design, illustrate, partner with you and coordinate the entire project. We will handle all material selection and specifications and work with all trades to make sure construction scheduling and purchasing management saves you time and costly mistakes. Construction and renovation is all about managing the process and keeping everything moving. We make sure the design vision we have developed for you is executed as painlessly as possible.
Concierge design: We design it, you OK it and it’s done.

Custom Window Treatments

Beautiful window treatments can take a room from bland to breathtaking! Whether you are looking for treatment to provide a needed focal point, harmonize a room, provide privacy and light control or add that final touch Michelle Le wis Designs will illustrate your windows in living color giving you a clear picture of what your windows can look like. Crystal is able to provide you with expertise in measuring. Unique design Ideas and decorator fabrics and trims. Blinds shades and shutters are also available from such companies as Hunter Douglas, Neolux and more. All window treatments are specially designed with consideration to the window style and function, as well the client’s style, preferences and budget.


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